Holly Hudson is a multi-media artist living and working in Bainbridge Island, WA.  From 1994-2010 she studied classical portrait and figurative painting at Western Washington University, The Aristides Classical Atelier, and The New York Academy of Art. She was awarded artist residencies at Eden Rock Gallery St. Barth's, FWI and Parson's Altos des Chavon School of Art and Design, Dominican Republic. She was a nominee at the New York Academy of Art for the Dedalus Foundation Fellowship and received academic scholarships 2008-2010 at NYAA.  She was also the recipient of the Robert Dezordo Scholarship, Gage Academy of Art and the Kreilsheimer Scholarship, Cornish College of the Arts. She has shown her work at Sotheby's New York, Flowers Gallery, NY, and the Whatcom Museum of History and Art.

Hudson's work explores humanity's relationship to nature, the repetition of organic forms, patterns, and structures that reoccur in the world around us as well as the world within us. She seeks to show the likenesses between the natural world and human anatomy: sticks as arteries, root systems as veins and capillaries, the knots and joints in wood as the knuckles, joints, and phalanges in our hands and feet. On a deeper level, Hudson strives to illustrate through these similarities humanity's interrelatedness and dependence on the natural world.

Her sources of inspiration include beach combing, the upturned roots of fallen trees, 17th - 19th century anatomical illustrations and wax anatomical sculpture, the relief sculptures of Egypt, ornamental plaster wall reliefs of the Rococo, polychrome religious sculpture of 17th century Spain, crumbling and fractured Greek and Roman statuary, Greek and Roman mythology, and children's fairy tales.